Mizani Relaxers

Exclusive butter range adding moisture while relaxing the hair is just what Afro texture needs to restore its silkiness.

Conditioning relaxer portfolio represents cutting edge technology and innovation, leaving hair in perfect balance. The precise combination of oils, proteins and conditioners ensures successful relaxing for all hair types and textures. With the support of our world renowned scientists in the United States and France, MIZANI has pioneered the Natural Curl Keyâ„¢. After years of research and testing, laboratories defined global hair types based on specific-shape criteria and utilizing a scientific approach to measuring features of human-hair strands, including curve diameter, curl index, number of twists and number of waves. This research resulted in the identification of eight distinct hair types worldwide.
Ethnic heritage varies from individual to individual, and a blending of ancestries is evident in many ways. Within the African American community, this mixing of histories is most obvious in skin tone and hair texture variances. Nowhere is the balance of beauty and chemistry more vital than in ethnic hair – characterized by an oval and flat cellular structure.

80% of all African American hair is characterized as tight or excessively curly (Figure A).

African American hair problems begin with improper manipulation of these characteristic twists and turns in the tightly curled hair shaft. Stress accumulates at the twists of tightly curled African American hair, where elasticity naturally diminishes (Figure B). Due to these accumulated stress points, combing, brushing, styling and chemical processes can be more stressful to excessively curly hair than straight hair (Figure C).

As we look deeper into the hair shaft, we see two vitally important layers – the cuticle (Figure D) and the cortex (Figure E). Each layer performs a separate yet interdependent function. When properly understood and carefully manipulated, these layers work together to create healthy, shiny, resilient hair (Figure F).

Based on the high street of Harborne Birmingham, Innovations is a up to date, modern salon that specialises in both European and Afro hair. With expert knowledge in restyling and hair treatments as well as cutting and colouring, you can be assured that your hair is in the best possible hands.