We are highly favoured for our hair treatment service favoured by many all over the uk including the famous YouTuber Shantania Beckford

Who no matter where she is in the country/ world comes back monthly for her hair treatment and brags about how much her hair has grown and how lovely it makes her hair feel.

No wonder it’s our most popular service.

Treatment prepares your hair for technical services it is important to treat hair and scalp regularly to maintain moisture

We offer a wide range of treatments to suit each individual clients needs. We will advise you  which treatment will make you achieve best result for your hair.


Oh yes we know this can be achieved at home but I’m sure you would much rather having your scalp massaged by our lovely team. Using a variety of product that promotes hair growth and hydration which leaves your hair feeling much softer and makes this more manageable at home.

Straightening finish

Using or top of the range product and equipment you will be able to achieve a silky soft smooth straight bouncy finish.


Whether it be waves or tight curls we have the equipment to achieve your desired look.